Superchargers work on the principle of forcing more air and fuel into an engine that it can consume in naturally aspirated form, thereby increasing power. It is basically a belt driven air pump.

We have many years' experience repairing and rebuilding the older type of roots superchargers typically seen on hot rods, American muscle cars and purpose built drag racing machines.

We offer complete supercharger rebuild service, rebuilding your blower or supplying a newly built unit outright. We can repair or replace most damaged components.

We can also design and manufacture drive system and manifolds using our own castings.

In this photo, a supercharger manifold is undergoing final machining. Our own casting is welded to a modified aftermarket manifold whilst bolted to the engine block to minimise distortion. Final machining ensures the supercharger drive runs parallel to the crankshaft axis and provides a true, flat surface for gasket sealing.